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Last updated: October 18, 2018
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Diocese of Orange
Liturgy of the Hours
Twenty Ninth Sunday in
October 21, 2018
Cycle B

All Saints Day Nov. 1
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Oct. 21-27

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By love, God can be embraced and held, but not by thinking
Rev. Richard Rhor


Every rational creature, every person, and every angel has two main strengths: the power to know and the power to love. 

God made both of these, but [God is] not knowable through the first one. 

To the power of love, however, [God] is entirely known, because a loving soul is open to receive God’s abundance. . . . 

[God’s] very nature makes love endless and miraculous. 

God will never stop loving us. 

Consider this truth, and, if by grace you can make love your own, do. 

For the experience is eternal joy; its absence is unending suffering.

Nobody’s mind is powerful enough to grasp who God is. We can only know [God] by experiencing [God’s] love.
Richard Rhor
Paul VI and  Oscar Romero 
are now officially saints