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Last updated: February 13, 2019
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Diocese of Orange
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  Sixth Sunday in
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February 17, 2019  Cycle C

Message From Rev. Richard Rhor
Brian McLaren, a dear friend and fellow public theologian, shares my concern and hope that Christianity can evolve.

 In his book The Great Spiritual Migration, he writes:

For centuries, Christianity has been presented as a system of beliefs. That system of beliefs has supported a wide range of unintended consequences, from colonialism to environmental destruction, subordination of women to stigmatization of LGBT people, anti-Semitism to Islamophobia, clergy pedophilia to white privilege. 

What would it mean for Christians to rediscover their faith not as a problematic system of beliefs, but as a just and generous way of life, rooted in contemplation and expressed in compassion, that makes amends for its mistakes and is dedicated to beloved community for all? 

Could Christians migrate from defining their faith as a system of beliefs to expressing it as a loving way of life? . . 

Lent Begins Mardch 6, 2019
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