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Last updated: December 4, 2019
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Fr. Doug 

Second Sunday of Advent

December 8, 2019   Cycle C

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The amazing wonder of the biblical revelation, that I hope to make clear in this book, is that God is much different than we thought, and also much better than we feared. To paraphrase what a quantum physicist said of the universe, “God is not only stranger than we think but stranger than we can think.” God is not bad news but, in fact, overwhelmingly comforting and good news.   Rev. Richard Rhor

Excerpt From

​Hymn by Francis E. Mostyn (1860-1939)

The martyrs living now with Christ

In suffering were tried,

Their anguish overcome by love

When on his cross they died.

Across the centuries they come,

In constancy unmoved,

Their loving hearts make no complaint,

In silence they are proved.

No man has ever measured love,

Or weighed it in his hand,

But God who knows the inmost heart

Gives them the promised land.

Praise Father, Son and Spirit blest,

Who guides us through the night

In ways that reach beyond the stars

To everlasting light.

Being called to be a martyr 
is not always a called 
to a physical death 

Sometimes we too are called to be a martyr
in  situations where we have to let our desires, our ideas, our wishes,our suggestions, etc. die.

Memories from St. Bonaventure Church
Huntington Beach, California

What is Advent All About???

Advent [meaning “coming”], to the Church Fathers, was the right naming of the season when light and life are fading. 

They urged the faithful to set aside four weeks to fast, give, and pray—all ways to strip down, to let the bared soul recall what it knows beneath its fear of the dark, to know what Jesus called “the one thing necessary”: that there is One who is the source of all life, One who comes to be with us and in us, even, especially, in darkness and death. 

One who brings a new beginning. —Gayle Boss