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Last updated: September 19, 2018
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Fr. Doug
September 23, 2018
Cycle B
What the Mystics Know
Richard Rohr

When You Cannot Forgive

When you find yourself incapable of forgiving another person, that means you are not standing in the stream of God’s forgiveness. 

Work backward. 

When you find your heart hardened and you cannot forgive, you’re forgetting that God forgives you. 

But when you let your belief in God’s forgiveness soften and free you, you find it easier to forgive others

Christ Cathedral Construction Update: 

How great the tale, that there should be,
In God’s Son’s heart, a place for me!
That on a sinner’s lips like mine
The cross of Jesus Christ should shine!

Christ Jesus, bend me to thy will,
My feet to urge, my griefs to still;
That e’en my flesh and blood may be
A temple sanctified to Thee.

No rest, no calm my soul may win,
Because my body craves to sin;
Till thou, dear Lord, thyself impart
Peace on my head, light in my heart.

May consecration come from far,
Soft shining like the evening star.
My toilsome path make plain to me,
Until I come to rest in thee.

Author Unknown
Liturgy of the Hours