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Last updated: January 19, 2021
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January 21 Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martyr
January 25 Conversion 
of Saint Paul
January 26 Saints 
Timothy &Titus, bishops
January 28 St Thomas Aquinas
January 24, 2021  Cycle B

My Words To Myself
When I Mess Up
by Fr. Doug


I have come to see in my own life that I so easily run from the cross. The cross always appears in our lives.  

Deep down we know it is the way to eternal life. Perhaps it comes into our lives to show us how weak we can be. 

 But the Good News is that no matter what, God forgives and has great admiration for each of us in our struggles.  

God is not scandalized by our weakness. It is in our weakness that we come to see how great is God’s love for each of us, even when we fail and fall on our faces.

  For me, retirement has been a great gift where I have seen many of my failures and sins and that God still has forgiveness and mercy.  

He calls us to make Him present in the world.  

Seeing how patient and forgiving He is, is how we can make Him present in the world by our patience and forgiveness to to all. God’s word to us is always I love you even when we fail to pick up our cross and follow Him. 

I think I am always more scandalized by my failures and sins then God ever is. That is the great mystery of His love. How can He love me so much even when I mess up so much.

That is the same love we are called to make present in the world. That love truly makes Christ present in the world.
God loves me and us as failures and cowards....COURAGE...

I need to always remember these words when I mess up...

See With The Eyes 
Of God
Rev/ Richard Rhor

Can you see the image of Christ in the least of your brothers and sisters? 

This is Jesus’ only description of the final judgment (Matthew 25).

 But some say, 

“They smell.

 They’re a nuisance. 

They’re on welfare. 

They are a drain on our tax money.” 

Can we see Christ in all people, even the so-called “nobodies” who can’t or won’t play our game of success? 

When we can see the image of God where we don’t want to see the image of God, then we see with eyes not our own.