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Last updated: February 19, 2020
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Sunday February 23, 2020
Cycle A  
Prayer to End the Day

Before we end our day, O Lord, 

We make this prayer to you: 

That you continue in your love 

To guard your people here.

Give us this night untroubled rest 

And build our strength anew: 

Your Splendour driving far away

All darkness of the foe.

Our hearts’ desire to love you, Lord, 

Watch over while we sleep, 

That when the new day dawns on high 

We may your praises sing.

All glory be to you, O Christ, 

Who saved mankind from death

To share with you the Father’s love 

And in the Spirit live.
Having A Rough Day..

But how did St. Francis do what he did, from the inside and without oppositional energy? 

 Francis’ starting place was human suffering instead of human sinfulness and God’s identification with that suffering in Jesus. 

That did not put him in conflict with any Catholic dogmas or structures, merely to the side of them. 

His Christ was universal while also deeply personal, his cathedral was creation itself, he preferred the bottom of society to the top. 

Francis showed us that practical truth is more likely found at the bottom and the edges than at the top or the center of most groups, institutions, and cultures 

Rev. Richard Rhor   Franciscan