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Last updated: March 19, 2019
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My Thought 

The purpose of my life is to make God's love present in the world.

My patience, my forgiveness, my love, even to the enemy, is God’s plan to form a world of love through each of us.  
That is our purpose, our mission of why He created us.

Our anger, our lack of love or patience delays God's plan of what the world is to become.

No wonder my smallest sins delay his plan for me and for each of us, the purpose of our call at baptism.. 

Fr. Doug

Christ is the power of God among us and within us, the fullness of the earth and of life in the universe. 

We humans have the potential to make Christ alive; it is what we are created for. 

To live the mystery of Christ is not to speak about Christ but to live in the surrender of love, the poverty of being, and the cave of the heart.

 If we can allow the Spirit to really take hold of us and liberate us from our fears, anxieties, demands, and desire for power and control, then we can truly . . . live in the risen Christ who empowers us to build this new creation.

Rev. Richard Rhor

Third Sunday of 
March 24, 2019  Cycle C